Friendly stray dog serves as model for CPR demo in Thailand

A heartbreaking clip, showing a grieving dog nudging his sister's ashes, has caught the attention of thousands.

The footage from TikTok user @pittymomtoeli shows Eli the pit bull laying next to his sister's ashes and photo. The TikToker penned: "When your baby boy misses his sister so lays by her ashes and picture."

He gets up and touches the photo with his nose, reducing viewers to tears.

One said: "A 50-year-old man should not be tearing up this much sitting on the toilet at work and yet here I am".

Another emotional viewer added: "Why I’m crying to this video not fair to see this I feel for this doggie so much".

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Meanwhile, a third TikToker remarked on how emotionally aware dogs are. "Dogs are so smart , they know, they can sense all that stuff," they said – and they are absolutely correct.

A recent study revealed that dogs can sniff out when their human is stressed. Researchers in Ireland collected breath and sweat samples from 36 participants before and after they were faced with a complex maths problem. They were also asked to share how it impacted their stress levels, according to Study Finds.

Using the samples where the person's blood pressure and heart rate increased, four dogs, Treo, Fingal, Soot, and Winnie, had to scout out the stressed ones.

"The findings show that we, as humans, produce different smells through our sweat and breath when we are stressed, and dogs can tell this apart from our smell when relaxed – even if it is someone they do not know," Clara Wilson, a PhD student in the School of Psychology at Queen’s University Belfast, explained.

The findings will help train service and therapy dogs in the future.

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