Trolls Hate That I'm A Mom On OnlyFans | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY

OnlyFans star Elle Brooke took to TikTok to showcase her new muscle gains – and some are so impressed that they've compared her to WWE fighter Brock Lesnar.

Brooke, who took on and won Love Island's AJ Bunker in a boxing match, recently called out fellow creator Astrid Wett for "ducking her" fight offer.

She has since spent endless hours in the gym, with her trainer Ebanie ‘The Blond Bomber’ Bridges previously claiming that Brooke has one of the hardest punches she’s come across.

Now, her efforts have gone unnoticed.

In a viral clip that's racked up over 400,000 viewers, one wrote "Bro what the f***, I’m pretty sure I unfollowed Brock Lesnar", with another humouring: "when did Brock get this small?"

Others were quick to comment on how "stunning" Brooke looked, with another hitting back at comparisons saying: "People are comparing you to men because they are probably intimidated by you bc you're stronger".

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Bit nippy..

Meanwhile, earlier this week Brooke held a bizarre competition which gave her fans a chance to win a date with her. In a surprise turn of events, she ended up punching one of them in the face.

In her recent YouTube video, Brooke explained: "I invited 20 of my fans to come and give it their best shot at trying to convince me why they should take me on a date."

For one of the rounds, where the presenter - in a lobster costume - said Brooke was going to show her "party trick/talent."

After a pair of boxing gloves were thrown at her to put on, the model asked: "So who's going to volunteer? I want someone's face... but I've gotta punch you in the face."

One guy named John didn't mind things taking a violent turn as he put his hand up to volunteer to take a hit.

"Oh my God, you will let me punch you in the face?" an astonished Brooke asked.

"Was that a good one?" Brooke asked to which John agreed "that was good."

Subsequently, John was the one who ended up going on to secure the date with Brooke.

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