Elle Brooke had to explain what OnlyFans was to a man before kissing him

Elle Brooke had to explain what OnlyFans was to a man before kissing him
OnlyFans model claims she gets sent home from day job for 'revealing' …

Elle Brooke found herself explaining what OnlyFans is to a blissfully unaware stranger.

The adult content creator launched the second episode of her YouTube series 'Love at First Kiss', which Brooke describes as "addictive viewing of me lipsing off with lucky (or unlucky in some cases) members of the public!"

Each stranger enters the room and talks with Brooke before sharing a kiss.

The third contender Nathan, asked Brooke an NSFW question, which Brooke candidly answered. However, when the same question bounced back to him, he was caught off guard.

Brooke asked whether Nathan would be open to dating an "OnlyFans girl", to which he innocently responded: "I don't know what OnlyFans is, I'm afraid, so..."

"Sell nudes on the internet," she laughed, while a confused Nathan deliberated: "Yep, possibly, possibly. I'd consider it," before asking to kiss her.

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Love at First Kiss (Ep.2 Fan Edition)

Viewers flocked to the clip with praise for the OnlyFan model. One passionate fan wrote: "God, your personality really shines around people. It's lovely to see you helping them warm up to the awkwardness that is love".

Another wrote: "This is amazing fair play to her. She’s making some lonely guys very happy and she’s hot as hell. Fair play Elle."

Brooke has rapidly become one of the UK's most popular content creators and certainly does not shy away from questions or, perhaps, oversharing.

Earlier this year, she opened up about an invasive surgery on her privates, often called a "designer vagina". She candidly told the Bangin’ with Chloe Veitch podcast that she had decided to keep the removed body parts from the invasive operation.

"It’s my favourite party trick to show everyone," she said. "They look like calamari and it’s so gross, they’re like white now.

"Every time I look at it, one side was always bigger than the other anyway, so there’s like a big one and a small one,

"I’m like, aren’t they cute? It’s like a snow globe."

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