Elon Musk mocked after Blade Runner reference backfires

Elon Musk mocked after Blade Runner reference backfires
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The Joe Rogan Experience

Elon Musk has attracted the ire of film fans everywhere after making a Blade Runner reference that backfired on him.

The Tesla billionaire and owner of Twitter/X made a passing comment about the seminal 80s sci-fi classic directed by Ridley Scott, which was quickly pounced upon by cinephiles on social media.

Musk was responding to a clip of Joe Rogan shooting the highly-anticipated Tesla Cybertruck with a bow and arrow – which is one of the stranger moments from Musk’s recent appearance on his podcast this week.

Speaking about the vehicle – which Tesla fans have been waiting years for, and is finally being sent out to customers “next month” according to Musk – Musk made reference to the film.

“It’s an armored personnel carrier from the future – what Bladerunner would have driven,” he wrote, responding to footage of the moment with Rogan.

Getty/Warner Bros.

Referencing a classic sci-fi movie would be no big deal, normally. However, people were quick to point out that the main character played by Harrison Ford was not, in fact, called Bladerunner.

Instead, the character was called Rick Deckard – and it left some film fans convinced Musk has never seen the film or he’s misunderstood it.

Writing on Twitter/X, one user responded by writing: “Just taking a moment here to appreciate that Elon Musk thinks the main character in Blade Runner is a guy called ‘Bladerunner’”.

Another said: “Elon Musk thinks the protagonist from Blade Runner is called ‘Bladerunner’ and also has no f***ing idea what an Armoured Personnel Carrier is.”

It comes after Musk appeared on Rogan’s podcast on Tuesday (October 31), which saw Musk kicking off by lighting a cigar and speaking to Rogan, who was wearing a blonde wig and a Puerto Rico shirt throughout the interview to mark Halloween – check out the biggest talking points from the new interview here.

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