Elon Musk's Baby Mamas All Have THIS Surprising Thing In Common

Ever been roasted by an international landmark? Elon Musk just managed it.

The social network's self-proclaimed 'Chief Twit' recently posted “Twitter is the worst, but also the best”, triggering a reply from popular French streamer Arkunir.

Arkunir called out Musk, and urged him not to delete his tweet it was ratioed (which is when the reply outperforms the original tweet in likes or retweets).

Arkunir was successful in the attempt, and the official account for the Eiffel Tower unexpectedly popped up to back the Frenchman.

It posted a meme that compared Arkunir to the Eiffel Tower - and Musk to the much-tinier Statue of Liberty in Paris - an itty bitty replica of the one in New York City.

Given he's now the all-powerful emperor of Twitter, it remains to be seen whether Musk will let the slight stand. Maybe he'll ban inanimate objects from tweeting?

He seems to make the rules up as he goes along. He recently went on a banning spree of anyone who impersonated him on the network - drawing a line in the sand despite proclaiming himself as a free speech absolutist.

The sassy Eiffel Tower post currently has more than 40,000 likes and 2,000 retweets.

This week, with the apparent impending downfall of Twitter on the horizon following Elon Musk’s takeover, social media platform Mastodon appears to become a front-runner in terms of a potential rival platform – so much so that it found itself the subject of an awful NSFW joke by Musk that he later deleted.

He also made a very awkward meme choice while trying to illustrate technology's advancements.

Meanwhile a heavily pregnant Twitter employee - laid off in a big round of cuts - is planning to take him to court over her firing.

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