Passengers on Elon Musk's 'Hyperloop' branded 'dumbest people on planet'

Passengers on Elon Musk's 'Hyperloop' branded 'dumbest people on planet'
Hyperloop test a success

Passengers in Elon Musk's Hyperloop have been branded "the dumbest people on the planet" for choosing to reach their destinations using the overly complex, high-speed transportation system.

In a TikTok video from Ross, who goes by @ecomross on the platform, he gave viewers a glimpse at the Vegas Loop, created by the tech billionaire and The Boring Company.

"This is the Vegas Loop, Elon's answer to traffic," Ross says in the clip.

"It's going to save about 15 minutes, or 20 minutes of walking."

Ross then explained that to get inside the loop, you have to take the "escalators downstairs and get a Tesla."

Once underground, a bunch of Teslas, neon-colored lights and people queuing up to get rides can be seen.

Ross can also be spotted explaining where he is headed before he is told to wait with two other people who would be riding in the same Tesla as him.

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As they drove, they could be heard saying that they loved the "happy rainbow lights" illuminating the tunnel and how much they loved the ride.

Towards the end of the clip, Ross panned the camera over to show that the "new vehicles will go down into the loop," preparing to pick up new passengers.

"By far one of the coolest things at CES [Consumer Electronics show]," Ross added.


The Vegas Loop 🚗 by The Boring Company and Tesla. #ces #ces2023 #lasvegas #tesla #vegasloop

Ross' video was also shared on Twitter by the account UrOrientalist.

"Dumbest people on the planet," they wrote, accompanied by the original TikTok video.

Many others poked fun, wondering why some would choose the loop to get around when they would probably have a better time with mass transit.

One person wrote: "GENTLEMEN BEHOLD! I have invented a thing that travels underground, holds many people, and is electric powered by the city power grid itself! I call it... The sub-terrain highway... Or subway for short."

"A taxi that only goes to one place and requires a concierge because it's so badly designed," another added.

A third wrote: "It seems so easy to fool people into thinking something is futuristic if you just add a strip of gamer lights.'

Someone else simply added: "So instead of sitting in traffic on the street, you get to stand in line to be in traffic underground?"

The Consumers Electronics show is by far the largest tech trade show of the year. It gives people an early glimpse of recent developments in cars, laptops, smart gadgets and more.

The technology trade event took place from 5 January to 8 January 2023.

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