Elon Musk says he’ll give a fan a free Tesla if he eats pizza backwards for 420 days

Elon Musk says he’ll give a fan a free Tesla if he eats pizza backwards for 420 days

Elon Musk is encouraging a guy to eat a slice of pizza backwards on TikTok every day for 420 days - and in return he’ll give him a free Tesla.

TikTok user Kyle has made a name for himself on the app for eating food “the wrong way.”

97 days ago, he vowed to eat a slice of pizza backwards - as in, crust first - every single day until Musk gave him a free Tesla.

Musk has recently begun commenting on the posts, and Kyle is now in his fourth month of daily pizza eating.

But instead of just giving away a car, which would cost the billionaire relatively little of his net worth, Musk made him a very strange offer.


“Either day 420 or you getting to 420 Pounds. Which ever comes first,” Musk wrote on one video. “You will have a Tesla!”

“Im ready for day 420!!!” he wrote on another post of the young man eating cheese, bread, and grease on camera, specifically for this billionaire’s delight. “Next pizza extra extra cheese!!!”


He even named the date, writing in another recent comment: “I will personally meet with you and give you the Tesla at day 420! On 4/20/22”

Eating pizza every day for a year and a half can lead to serious health risks, including a weakened digestive system and increasing the chances of certain forms of cancer.

Eating it for 97 days in a row, in fact, is already quite a serious undertaking, and some might see it as uncomfortable that Musk is encouraging this for his amusement.


Musk, for his part, often makes jokes that reference weed – like with the number 420 on this occasion (yes, we get it, Elon).

Kyle, meanwhile, still seems to be willing to go along with the stunt. But for everyone’s benefit: please just hand this man his car, and maybe fill it up with vegetables too.

This story was updated on June 23 to bring it in line with house style.

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