Neighbour gets embarrassing note asking him to ‘keep the noise down’ during ‘intimate moments’

<p>The note reminded Stephen Cunningham that the “walls are thin”</p>

The note reminded Stephen Cunningham that the “walls are thin”

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A man has been left “mortified” after a neighbour left him a note, effectively asking him to be quieter when he has sex.

Seriously – can you imagine anything more awkward?

Stephen Cunningham, 28, from Glasgow found the handwritten letter slid under his door, which begged him to “keep the noise down at night”.

The anonymous sender attempted to spare Cunningham’s blushes by referring to the noises as “intimate and private moments” but Cunningham was still rather embarrassed by being asked to “have quieter sex”.

What’s worse is that the note was written on behalf of his “neighbours” – ie, more than one of them – suggesting a few of them had gathered together and, err, discussed his sex life.

The note, which he shared on Twitter, read:

“Dear Neighbour. Just a friendly note from your neighbours to remind you the walls in these buildings are thin and sound can travel.

“While we appreciate that it is inevitable that we will hear neighbours at times, we want to make you aware that we can hear more than we should.

“I’m sure you will agree that we all must be considerate and respectful of our neighbours, we don’t want to be sharing your intimate and private moments with you.

“Therefore we politely ask if you could keep the noise down at night. Please be mindful that you have neighbours in a building where sound travels.

“Thanks for understanding.”

Luckily, Cunningham, was able to see the funny side of the neighbour’s note and told the Daily Record he couldn’t stop laughing when he found the note a few days ago.

He believes the neighbour slipped the note through the door at around 8.30am.

“They must have come early to make sure I was asleep,” he said.

“I was rolling on the floor laughing while reading it, I was mortified.”

Cunningham posted a photo of his note to Twitter with the caption: “Not me waking up to a ‘have sex quieter’ note from my neighbours, Mortified.”

The post received hundreds of likes and dozens of comments from people who found the whole situation humorous.

One person wrote: “Post a pair of earplugs through their door and get on with your life.”

To which Cunningham replied: “I would if I knew which neighbour sent it.”

“I’d frame that and stick it on the wall. Own it. And strut,” another person commented.

Some even shared their own similar experiences.

Someone wrote: “I used to hear my neighbour every night her partner stayed. I tried knocking, saying if they could hear me, I could hear them; I eventually put a note through the door saying “PLEASE put a pillow at your headboard or move your bed” 2 days later, found her headboard in my garden.”

“I lived next door to a couple and could hear the shenanigans in their bedroom it was so embarrassing because I worked with the woman. I would never have said anything, so first sign of shenanigans I went down stairs and made a cup of tea and put TV on,” a second person replied.

Well, one thing’s for certain – Cunningham got the message.

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