Woman finds brilliantly petty way of stopping boss from stealing her work

An employer has been criticised for an extreme rule that punishes employees if they arrive at work just one minute late.

A former employee of the workplace posted about their boss's harsh rule on the Reddit forum r/antiwork.

Posted with the caption, “Shout out the worst place I ever worked (minimum wage, of course)” they added a picture of a piece of paper that their former boss had printed off explaining the new office rule.

It read: “New Office Rule. For every minute you are late for work, you will be required to work for 10 minutes after 6pm.

“For example, if you arrive at 10:02, you will have to stay an extra 20 minutes until 6:20pm. Thanks.”

The post quickly went viral, receiving over 70,000 upvotes and getting more than 5,000 comments from horrified Reddit users.

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Some commenters said they would ignore the rule and leave on time regardless, while others say the boss would quickly lose employees for making them do unpaid work.

One person wrote: “Please post that sign as a photo on their google reviews!”

Another asked: “If you show up at 9:58 do you get to leave at 5:40?”

Someone else said: “do you want to lose employees because that’s how you lose employees.”

In reply to one comment, the original poster revealed they quit that job within a couple of months of the rule being enforced.

One Redditor said: “I would clock out and walk right out the door on time every single day lol.”

Someone else argued: "That sounds incredibly illegal and wouldn't hold up in court."

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