We all have our own styles and traditions when it comes to watching sport.

Some of us prefer to view big games from the comfort of our own homes, while others revel in the atmosphere of a beer-fuelled crowd.

More than 27 million people tuned in to witness England’s historic Euro 2020 win over Germany on Tuesday night, according to official figures. Although the true number is likely to be much higher if you factor in all the people watching in pubs and on big screens (including the likes of Stormzy…).

Yet, despite the magnitude of the occasion, one TikTok user has managed to sum up the nation’s celebratory styles in a 17-second montage.

They put together a clip cataloguing how “different classes” reacted to Raheem Sterling’s stalemate-breaking goal – and the result is priceless.

These are the four “class” categories the TikToker devised...

The Royals

Prince William raised his fists in a momentary show of passionvarar8/TikTok

The clip begins with the most elite of social groups, the Royal Family, who attended the match at Wembley in person.

Zooming in on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their seven-year-old son Prince George, the trio can be seen clapping soberly before William allows himself a brief, jubilant shake of the fists.

The Upper Class

The PM celebrated with excited disbelief varar8/TikTok

We then move on to Downing Street, where Boris Johnson is watching the action on a plasma screen.

The Prime Minister leaps up with glee as Sterling sends the ball flying into the back of the net. He then calms down and points, beaming, at the TV, like an excited child.

The Middle Class

The BBC’s suited football pundits celebrated from their prime location@verar8/TikTok

From Westminster back to Wembley, the BBC pundits are next.

Hare, the likes of Alan Shearer and Rio Ferdinand are seen jumping up and down in ecstasy – all smartly kitted out in shirts, of course.

The camera then focuses in on Gary Lineker, who emits a euphoric “wooo” as he turns towards his proud colleagues. A happy – but still measured – display.

The Working Class

There was zero self-censorship when it came to the final group’s display@verar8/TikTok

Enter the rest of the population, who celebrate with blissful abandon.

Watching outside on a big screen, the group can be seen jumping out of their benches and yelling with unadulterated joy, as streams of beer are sent soaring through the air.

No holding back here, thank you very much.

Fellow TikTokers have delighted in the video, which racked up more than 3.1 million views in just six hours.

Viewers agreed: “Working class got the best atmosphere,” with one adding that the final group knows “how it’s properly done.”

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