Entitled neighbour goes viral with outrageous Wi-Fi request

Entitled neighbour goes viral with outrageous Wi-Fi request
Bears caught wrestling outside Florida home in doorbell footage

The internet has been left baffled by a viral video showing a neighbour's outrageously entitled Wi-Fi request.

Thanks to video doorbells, all kinds of strange doorstep encounters have been recorded and shared online, like when UFC star Sean Strickland held a man at gunpoint on his driveway, or when a cat learned how to use the doorbell to be let in.

But one video has made the rounds recently showing a neighbour asking for someone’s Wi-Fi password after the newly added protection blocked his free access.

In the video, which appeared to be filmed via a doorbell camera, a man could be seen ringing on his neighbour's door and explaining: “I live next door. I’ve got problems with the Wi-Fi.”

When the man was questioned as to why he was coming to the neighbour about it, he added: “Well it's your Wi-Fi, isn’t it.”

He continued: “I’ve got a problem with your Wi-Fi – you’ve put a password on it.”

The man said he had been living there for two years and had been “happily” using the neighbour's Wi-Fi, clearly without him realising.

Over the course of the clip, the neighbour revealed it was his broadband company that suggested he password-protect his Wi-Fi in case someone else was piggybacking off it, after complaints that it was running slowly.

The angry neighbour suggested the Wi-Fi owner was being “unreasonable” for withholding the password and seemed to have the belief that any signal that extended outside of his four walls was “public”.

People online have been left baffled by the exchange - while some have suggested that the video might be a funny fake.

One person suggested: “I’m not dismissing the idea that this is brilliantly acted comedy.”

“This has to be a bit but it’s absolutely glorious,” another said.

Another said: “I'm not sure how the other guy kept his composure for so long.”

Someone else asked: “Does it get any more English than this?”

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