Doctor urges people to get jabbed after sharing ER observations in viral thread

Doctor urges people to get jabbed after sharing ER observations in viral thread

A New York-based A&E doctor has shared his observations on how Covid is affecting people differently and urged everyone to get their vaccines and boosters.

In a viral Twitter thread, doctor Craig Spencer explained how vaccinations are making a difference to the severity of infection caused by the virus.

Encouragingly, Spencer explained that every patient he’s seen who has received their third booster jab has experienced mild symptoms.

He said: “Every patient I’ve seen with Covid that’s had a 3rd ‘booster’ dose has had mild symptoms.

“By mild I mean mostly sore throat. Lots of sore throat. Also some fatigue, maybe some muscle pain.

“No difficulty breathing. No shortness of breath. All a little uncomfortable, but fine.”

Next, he went on to explain how people with two doses of Pfizer or Moderna seem to be faring. Their symptoms tended to be on the milder side, but still worse than those who’ve had the booster.

Those who have had one dose of Johnson and Johnson fared worse. Spencer said: “Not great. But not life-threatening.”

He continued the thread, saying that almost every patient who had to be admitted because of Covid infection has been unvaccinated.

Spencer said: “Almost every single patient that I’ve taken care of that needed to be admitted for Covid has been unvaccinated.

“Every one with profound shortness of breath. Every one whose oxygen dropped when they walked. Every one needing oxygen to breath regularly.”

He went on to reiterate: “[The unvaccinated are] the most likely to need oxygen. They’re the most likely to have complications.

“They’re the most likely to get admitted. And the most likely to stay in the hospital for days or longer with severe Covid.”

Regardless of political affiliation or thoughts on mask mandates and other measures, Spencer encouraged every single person who is able to to get vaccinated.

He finished his thread: “So no matter your political affiliation, or thoughts on masks, or where you live in this country, as an ER doctor you’d trust with your life if you rolled into my emergency room at 3am, I promise you that you’d rather face the oncoming Omicron wave vaccinated.

“Please be safe.”

Despite being a doctor in the US, his advice certainly applies everywhere during this worldwide pandemic.

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