Eric Trump complained about Biden riding a bike and it completely backfired

Eric Trump complained about Biden riding a bike and it completely backfired
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Riding a bike is not a bad thing, but if you're like Eric Trump, it might be a problem.

Eric, the son of former president Donald Trump, launched a new attack against Joe Biden about riding a bike - and it completely backfired.

On Monday night, Eric spoke to Fox News, taking issue with Biden's bike ride in his home state of Deleware over the weekend. He also railed against Biden for biking in general while Russia is attacking Ukraine.

"Look at that picture of him on the bike. You have Biden riding his beach cruiser; it's got this big ridiculous reflector on the front of it. He may as well have had a little horn on there," Eric said.

"In a world where you almost have WWIII, everything that you guys have been talking about on the show up until this point, but all the problems here domestically and the guy is literally riding a beach cruiser around the place."

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He then mentioned what his father would have done instead during this time.

"My father would be giving speeches in front of F-35s, talking about how he's building the greatest military the world has ever seen…Believe me, that was sending a true message of strength."

Afterwards, Eric went after Biden yet again for not only riding the bike but also doing so in "the middle of the day."

"This is the commander in chief of the United States of America. What message does that send the world that is literally in the middle of, just, some horribleness?"

When people saw this video surfaced on Twitter, they were quick to point out that when the going gets rough, his dad would often take a trip to the golf course. Some also joked that he might hit the Mar-a-Lago buffet.

Others addressed what he might do during the war, as well as his sentiments towards the F-35.

In 2019, the former commander-in-chief president declared a national emergency surrounding border wall funding, then jetted out for a golf trip. He even played golf throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

And according to, Trump, who claimed he wouldn't have the time to golf as a president, made 298 daytime visits to golf clubs from 2016 to December 2020 –which was the last recorded instance where Trump attended a club as the president.

Elsewhere, those 298 visits cost US taxpayers around $144,000,000.

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