The map of Europe by the most attractive citizens

The map of Europe by the most attractive citizens

Surely it's the French? Or the Italians? The Irish?

Where should you travel to in Europe if you want to meet all the beautiful people?

A map, recently submitted to reddit, showed the results of a poll of the Europe subreddit, asking them who the most attractive countries were:

Sweden seems to dominate, although this is a rather small sample size so we're not sure how much it can be trusted.

33 people said the Vatican and four said Andorra. We wonder about their sampling among respondents.

A global survey by the travel dating website in 2014 surveyed for the most attractive populations.

Here were the results according to women:

1. Australia

2. Italy

3. England

4. Scotland

5. Spain

6. America

7. Ireland

8. Brazil

9. Canada

10. Netherlands

And according to men:

1. Brazil

2. Russia

3. Colombia

4. Great Britain

5. Philippines

6. Spain

7. Australia

8. Bulgaria

9. South Africa

10. Canada

That's not a lot of variation and it's very Western dominated - which might be something to do with the clientele of the American dating website.

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