What is an 'everything shower?' The new hygiene routine that Gen Z swear by

What is an 'everything shower?' The new hygiene routine that Gen Z swear by
TikToker reveals the easiest ways to tell if someone is either Gen-Z …

The newest self-care trend Gen Z swears by has dropped and it could send your water bill soaring with three-hour-long “everything showers”.

There is a lot of satisfaction to be gained from getting squeaky clean in the shower and now Gen Z has taken it to new levels.

What is an "Everything Shower"?

According to Gen Z users on TikTok, it is a shower that takes hours and encapsulates skincare, shaving, cleaning and grooming along with your favourite music.

It’s fair to say they have taken off on the platform, with the hashtag #EverythingShower gaining almost 170 million views.

In one video that has been viewed over 8.2 million times, influencer Kouvr Annon explained the phenomenon to her fiance, saying: “I wash my hair, shave my legs, shave my armpits, deep condition, exfoliate, do my skincare. I do everything in the shower.”

She added: “An everything shower with hot water and Taylor Swift is better than sex. Sorry.”

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Is an EVERYTHING SHOWER an actual thing??

Other users agreed. One person commented: “Exfoliate, shave EVERYTHING, hair mask, moisturize, skincare, and hair care. It’s a whole workout.”

Someone else argued: “3 hours is about right if you wanna take your time with all the things.”

Another video that has been viewed more than 18.6 million times pokes fun at almost passing out in a “2000° ‘everything’ shower”.


I really hope someone understands this #everythingshower #heatsyncope #GenshinImpact34 #FastTwitchContest #fyp #foryou #fypシ

Other TikTokers could relate. Someone said: “And when you have iron deficiency as well.”


see yall in 7 hours🙏🏾

In some videos, TikTok users shared their routines and the order in which they do things.

Dermatologist Dr. Lindsey, MD, explained you should wash your hair first, exfoliate second, shave third, wash your body, and then do a double cleanse of your face.


Whats your #everythingshower routine? Drop it below ⬇️ #EverythingShowerRoutine #Dermguru #Dermtalk #showerroutine #Backne #ShowerTok #ShowerThoughts #DermExplains

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