Freaky TikTok video shows girls eyeball moving around behind the eyelid

A viral video has uncovered a bizarre and freaky phenomenon about people’s eyeballs and their eyelids. 

In a clip that has been viewed more than one million times on TikTokuser @nev.lynn207 from the US state of Maine not that her eyeball is clearly visible when her eyelid is closed. 

In a video that has been viewed more than 3 million times, she shows just how obvious this weird phenomenon is.

After that clip went viral she showed her followers just how she discovered this weird sensation.

“What?! That's my f***ing eye, dude!” she says in the video as you can see her pupil moving around under the thin layer of skin that makes up her eyelid.

Many of the comments on the videos are from people eager to discover if their eyelids can do the same and some have revealed that they can. 

It would appear that this phenomenon is easily explainable. As reported by the Wall Street Journal in 2019, research shows that around 80 per cent of light can pass through our eyelids when they are closed which is at least a scientific explanation behind these videos. 

Regardless it is still a very strange thing to behold but don’t lie, you’re definitely gonna try to the next time you look in the mirror or take a selfie, aren’t you?

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