<p>Woman says her boyfriend has to FaceTime her during his entire shift at Amazon warehouse</p>

Woman says her boyfriend has to FaceTime her during his entire shift at Amazon warehouse


How far is too far? A woman on TikTok shared that she makes her boyfriend FaceTime throughout his entire shift because she doesn’t trust the women he works with won’t flirt with him.

The woman is so jealous of her boyfriend’s coworkers she feels the need to watch his every move via FaceTime—and people didn’t hold back from sharing their thoughts about her actions.

“My boyfriend needs to facetime me his whole 1-hour shift NOT BECAUSE I don’t trust him but because I don’t trust females,” reads the text overlay in the video from @flackoandnela.


Might quit my job & go work w/ him ! 🥰 #4u

In the video, the man is packaging boxes at his Amazon job while the woman can be seen on the top right corner washing dishes.

The caption read, “Might quit my job & go work w/ him!”

And if you think the woman went too far, you’re not alone. Many people jumped to the guy’s defense while they called the woman “insecure.”

“girl no he’s working, give him space or he will get tired of it,” wrote one TikTok user.

Another said, “That’s kinda sad,” while one remarked, “THIS ISNT NORMAL.”

“girl what would you even do if a female DID go up to him and just asked a question, or sum & ur just over here assuming… get mad at HIM? this is sad,” one said.

“I’m sorry but he going to leave you in the end. I used to be like this and it really takes a toll on guys. Better change fast,” another comment read.

One person joked, “I kinda feel bad for his battery :/”

Some people in the comments started a larger conversation about trusting your significant other while in a relationship.

“Doesn’t matter what a female does. His reaction to their actions is what matters,” explained one.

Another comment read, “But if u trust him you should trust that if a female try something he will put them in their place.”

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