Support worker turns green like Shrek after applying fake tan
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Fake tan users know all too well the difficulties of perfecting the natural sunkissed look.

The mousse or lotion can appear to look patchy if not rubbed in evenly while any sign of fake tan on the palm of your hands is also a dead giveaway that the tan is unnatural.

But TikTokers Victoria and Jacqui Hondrou (@hondroutwins) appeared to have come up with a method that can easily remove the excess tan from your hands in order for the bronzed look to appear seamless.

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The sisters who share their fake tan routine, as well as their tips and tricks with their 323,000 followers have sparked controversy over the darkness of their fake tans as people say it's too far removed from their natural skin tone.

In the video, a generous amount of fake tan mousse is applied to the hands where every area is thoroughly covered so there are no patchy gaps.

However, this means there is mousse covering the palm of the hand which looks unnatural, so then it shows a tube of Colgate toothpaste being squeezed onto a large power-style brush.

The toothpaste is then worked and mixed into the skin using the brush, which causes the fake tan to lift and the natural skin colour to come through, and with a wipe of a wet flannel, the fake tan is completely gone.

Though it's important not to forget to catch the small crevices as the flannel is used to clean the fake tan out from underneath the fingernails.

After this process, there is a before and after showing the palm of one hand after the toothpaste hack and the palm of the other hand showing what it looked like before doing the hack.


TOOTHPASTE TO REMOVE FAKE TAN ON PALMS! Yay OR Nay 🤷‍♀️ #faketan #faketanroutine #glovetrend #selftan

Since posting this toothpaste tan hack, the video has received over 18.5m views, 493,000 likes, along with thousands of comments from people who had mixed opinions.

Many people felt that the tan was too dark for the TikTok twins and made it clear in the comments section.

One person said: "bro- I have a strange feeling that's a little dark for you."

"WHERE DO YOU TAN?? THE SUN?!!" another person said.

Though some did defend the twins' fake tan usage too.

One person said: "You guys do know you wipe it off after and it isn’t as dark," while another added: "Why does no one in the comments know how fake tan works? They go in the shower and scrub most of it off so it looks like a normal tan."

Elsewhere others also shared some advice of their own to remove the fake tan from the palm of their hands.

One person said: "Baby wipes do the exact same thing if you do it immediately."

"Use baking soda," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Why not use the brush to rub the tan onto the back of your hand?"

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