FedEx driver becomes internet sensation after being filmed singing ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’

In what has been… quite a year, people are finding joy wherever they can and with the festive season fast approaching, that means getting in the Christmas spirit.

That’s definitely true for one FedEx delivery driver who is going viral for his enthusiastic performance of Mariah Carey’s Christmas banger ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’.

In a viral TikTok video posted by user @kaylaprosser2, the delivery driver in question is filmed rocking out in his van to the classic festive song and though he may be seated, he’s still got all the dance moves.

Visible from the waist up, he certainly gives it some and clearly knows how to entertain an audience, incorporating a point towards the camera in his dancing.

People are absolutely loving it and the video, captioned ‘In case anyone was wondering where their FedEx packages are’, now has over 1.9 million views.

The post has over 330,000 likes and almost 4,000 comments.

People were delighted by the video, saying it’s “what the world needs right now” and suggested people turn it into a TikTok trend by emulating his dance moves in duets.

The woman in the vehicle next to the FedEx driver did not go unnoticed by viewers either.

The original poster explained how they and their FedEx coworkers park next to one another everyday to eat lunch and that’s when this iconic viral clip was captured.

They wrote in the comments section: “We just have a good ol time.”

That’s one way to spread Christmas cheer.

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