Disturbing video shows fireworks being shot at people from a car in Minneapolis

Disturbing video shows fireworks being shot at people from a car in Minneapolis
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Disturbing footage shows the moment fireworks were being shot at people from a car in Minneapolis.

In a report from FOX 9, on Monday (4 July) and the early hours of Tuesday (5 July), people in Minneapolis started to post videos to social media showing young people in downtown Minneapolis shooting fireworks at police cars, into buildings, and at one another.

A resident who lives close to where much of the events took place told FOX 9 about the night in which young people were driving around at high speeds, hanging out of car windows, and more while letting off the fireworks.

"It was like a war zone. I mean, everything was lit up. There was smoke billowing from everywhere," said Bruce, who asked the outlet not to use his surname.

He said he heard fireworks on the street at roughly 10pm on Monday and called 911 many times.

The operators told him that police had already come to the scene when he couldn't find any officers from his apartment window, which overlooks the street intersection.

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Bruce said that two hours had gone by before he saw a police car. But then someone in the crowd on the street shot fireworks at it.

"And there was a series of four police cars, and they were firing at those four," he said.

Bruce further said that when the police did arrive, people would take out cell phones to film the officers who urged them to go home.

As the officers left, the crowd would shoot fireworks again.

Illicit fireworks displays occurred near the Stone Arch Bridge, Gold Medal Park and Mill District. It resulted in over 1,300 calls made to 911. Usually, that number of calls would be within a 24-hour frame.

On Tuesday evening, Minneapolis authorities held a press conference to address the fireworks.

"If you have children that were out last night, you need to know where they are. We need to hold one another accountable. This kind of garbage cannot be tolerated in any city, and it's our responsibility to ensure it doesn't happen here," said Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey.

Indy100 reached out to the Minneapolis Police Department for further comment.

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