Man gets shot by woman on their very first date together

Man gets shot by woman on their very first date together
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A man has revealed how he was shot in the leg by a woman on their very first date in an unbeliveable viral story.

The 22-year-old penned the story on Reddit’s Today I F**ked Up sub, captioning the story, “TIFU by getting shot by my date”.

In it, the unnamed guy prefaced it all explaining that he lives in the UK and that it was an air rifle, so “this was bad, but not as bad as it could've been across the pond”

He explained that he is quite an experienced outdoorsman and 3 years ago purchased an air rifle for target practice.

He revealed he and a girl named Ellie had planned a hike for their first date, but when she found out about his air rifle, she wanted to go shooting instead.

The man continued: “I showed her the basics of firearm safety, then we got shooting (important detail, Ellie is an awful shot).”

Next, he said he needed to use the toilet, so left the area for a while. On his return, he didn’t hear any shots and presumed Ellie wasn’t currently shooting, so he cut across the area they were shooting in to get back quicker.

He wrote: “I cut across the range to get back quicker. Didn't occur to me that she was reloading.

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“I make it up over the Ridge onto the range just in time to hear a crack and a searing pain in my left shoulder.”

He tried to act like it didn’t hurt but said he was bleeding quite badly from the .22 lead pellet in his shoulder.

When he made it back to her, he said his date was in tears and worried about what might happen

He said: “Ellie can't stop apologising, I'm trying to calm her down but she's crying and convinced she's going to prison.”

They went to the hospital and, while he was being treated, ended up talking more and arranging to go on a second date.

People in the comments couldn’t help but crack jokes at the hilarious and terrifying first date story.

One person said: “Teach her how to use a knife on your second date....”

Another joked: “I'm struggling to get texts back and my guy here gets women shooting their shot. Literally.”

Someone else added: “Bring a nerf gun for next trip and have your revenge..”

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