Well, this is awkward.

Residents on a remote Indonesian island thought they'd found an angel, fallen from heaven, washed up on a beach, and until recently were treating it as such.

Local news organisation Pojok Satu described an "angel child" in its original report. It had been found by a local 21-year-old fisherman, Pardin. People were very excited.

The story read:

This angel child also was found face down, crying and naked covered only with a white cloth.

The villagers in the Pulau Sagu Bokan subdistrict kept the discovery in one of the homes and reportedly changed its clothes and hijab every day.

According to Indonesian news service Detik, it was found on March 12, so appears to have been around for some time.

But, alas, the 'angel' turned out to be an inflatable sex doll.

After members of the community posted a photograph of the woman to Facebook, the questions began.

Detik later updated its story to note that that AFP had investigated, and the finding was confirmed to be a plastic sex toy.

Local police chief Heru Pramukarno said of the unfortunate mishap:

It was checked by one of our team. It was a sex toy.

A local man by the name of Iqbal explained that he had suspected this all along. He said rumours were rife when the toy was found and not everyone had initially recognised divine intervention. Iqbal said he thought that it had been dumped from a passing boat.

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