Fitness influencer slammed for mocking disabled student's workout

Fitness influencer slammed for mocking disabled student's workout
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Fitness TikToker Joey Swoll has slammed another gym influencer for mocking a disabled student’s workout for social media views.

Swoll has made his name for himself by hitting out at people for bad gym etiquette and for sharing inappropriate gym-based content online.

One of his latest targets was the fitness influencer “I Am Mighty Fit”, who posted a clip on his Instagram where he mocked the way a disabled student was performing weighted squats.

In the comments of the reel, people who claim to know the child revealed he has a disability and works hard to achieve his goals.

The reel went viral and soon attracted the attention of Swoll, who posted a video on his YouTube channel criticising I Am Mighty Fit for his hurtful reel.

Swoll said: “2.7 million likes on a video making fun of a kid with a disability – a very painful disability, for trying to work out. And all for what? Some likes and attention on social media? Seriously?”

Making fun of a kid with a disability and special needs for likes and attention on social media. 😤

Swoll referenced some of the comments from people who know him and continued: “Seeing this go viral was very hurtful to him.

“They (the commenters) got attacked, too. So, I’ll probably get attacked for making this video. That’s fine, bring it. But somebody needs to stand up for this kid.”

He continued: “So, ‘I Am Mighty Fit,’ you need to do better. Mind your own business. And anyone that liked and supported this video, shame on you.”

In the comments, people praised Swoll for standing up for the child.

“Shocking. People have lost their way. Poor kid, hope he is okay. Keep exposing these fools Joey,” one person wrote.

Another said: “People have lost their humanity!!!!”

It seems ‘I Am Mighty Fit’ has not learned his lesson, after Dexerto reported he wrote on his Instagram: “Every action has a reaction. Thanks to Joey and his Swoll patrols viewers are booming.”

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