'Cringe' Australian garage party divides TikTok

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A viral clip of a garage party in a trendy Melbourne neighbourhood has sparked debate about how “cringe” it looked.

The garage party took place in the gentrified Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy, which is known for being the art and nightlife mecca of Melbourne.

Several clips have emerged and have left viewers divided over whether a bunch of quirky "champagne socialists" thinking they’re great for partying is actually pure cringe or cool.

One clip that has been viewed more than 1.9 million times on TikTok shows a group of young men dancing outside a garage as music blared out. Another video from the same user had more than 2.7 million views.

In another TikTok video by a different party-goer, viewed over 4.2 million times and with the text overlay, “Fitzroy garage sesh”, groups of hipster boys could be seen posing for a photo, doing prayer hand gestures and one person having their hair shaved in the street.

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the vibes are here #melbourne

The viral clips have sparked debate among other TikTokers, with some mocking the group of guys.

One person wrote: “Reckon I can sell them a bag of baking soda for 400$.”

Another asked: “what is the collective noun for a group of icks?”

Someone else added: “I’ve seen every pov of this.”

“This video just asked me if I knew tame impala was just one guy”, another joked.

But, not everyone was against them having an apparently good time. Someone in the comments asked, “Why are people hating on the lads? They just having a good time”.

Another agreed, writing: “Why everyone hatin, lads just vibing with each other.”

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