Man ends up being only person on flight to Singapore and documents his VIP treatment

A man has detailed the VIP treatment he received when he ended up being the only person on a flight to Singapore.

Posting on Twitter, the man said he was flying from Abu Dhabi to Singapore when he noticed he was the only one doing so and described the experience as “surreal”.

He said the flight began with a personal announcement to him. Someone on Twitter then asked if he had been upgraded and he replied with eye emojis neither confirming nor denying it.

When the plane landed the crew said over a speaker: “Good morning Mr Alexander welcome to Singapore” before reading out the local time and safety instructions as they do on a packed flight.

He then showed footage of the plane which appeared to indeed by empty meaning he would have had plenty of leg room and definitely escaped crying children and other airplane perils.

Reacting to his experience, people thought he had lucked out:

Alexander added that the flight would have left with or without him so he was not creating a disproportionately negative environmental impact by getting on the plane.

According to the Wall Street Journal, there are a variety of reasons they airlines decide to proceed with flights that are severely under-booked. They occur if passengers on board have essential business or are attending key life events like funerals.

Apart from the passengers (or passenger) on board, flight timetables rely on planes, crew and pilots, being in specific locations at specified times and their next journeys may have considerably more passengers.

Flights also carry cargo as well as passengers and planes may need to get to a maintenance base for overnight routine work.

Seems like a pretty sweet deal to us.

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