RAW VIDEO: New York Protests In Support Of Ukraine 2/4

Across the US, people are showing their support for Ukraine.

In New York City, for example, the Empire State Building was lit with yellow and blue, the colors of the Ukrainian flag, as a symbol of unity.

But down in Florida, the Department of Agriculture building was lit up in yellow, blue, and ... pink?

Agriculture Commissioner, Nikki Fried, simply wanted to show her support of Ukraine by shining the colors of the Ukrainian flag on the building, but it seems to go very wrong.

In a tweet posted on Friday, Fried said: "We lit our building in blue and yellow— for Ukraine and for democracy" and attached a photo.

However, between the blue and yellow was a large strip of pink which was very distracting for some Twitter users.

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"Why is there pink in your display? I don't recall pink being in the Ukrainian flag...." Twitter user @downersgrove77 said.

"Coming up with creative new colors for the Ukrainian flag is Agriculture," said Ron DeSantis aide @Christinapushaw.

A plethora of Twitter trolls came after Fried for her well-meaning but inaccurate attempt to show support for Ukraine. Many pointed out the obvious blunder while others mocked what they saw as superficial support.

Supporters of Fried came to her defense, though, and showed appreciation for her effort to stand with Ukraine.

"Every little bit helps!" @smilingsoozeq tweeted.

"I am so excited & enthusiastic to witness you become the next Governor of Florida. It’s personal for me; my brother, his daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren all live there. I will do my best to make sure that you get their five votes. Governor Nikki Fried sounds perfect" @WilliamRich2012 said.

Fried is the Democratic nominee running against Ron DeSantis for governor of Florida. If elected, Fried would be the first female governor of Florida ever and Democrat governor since 1999.

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