Food delivery driver sparks debate after being accused of saying ‘you’re so fat’

A man has refused to tip a food delivery driver after he accused them of calling out “You’re so fat” to him as they dropped off his takeaway at the front door and then walked away - but his interpretation of what was said has caused heated debate from viewers.

TikToker Jay Manubi (@jaymanubi) posted footage from a security camera overlooking his front porch which shows the DoorDash delivery driver saying something that isn’t very clear after leaving Manubi’s food at the door.

It appears that Manubi believes the delivery driver called out: “You’re so fat” to him as he wrote in overlay text on the video: “DoorDash food delivery girl is not getting a tip after THAT comment!!” and then added in the TikTok caption: “I may have ordered a little too much but that comment was a little overboard.”

Since sharing his footage, Manubi’s TikTok has received 1.7m views, 150,000 likes, along with thousands of comments from people who believe all is not what it seems.


I may have ordered a little too much but that comment was a little overboard. #doorDash #youresofat #fooddelivery #knockknock #rude #fyp #hashtag #wyzecam #securitycamera #food

Many people believe that Manubi misheard the delivery driver and that she in fact was saying something else entirely that was not rude or offensive as the TikToker has suggested.

One person wrote: “She said ‘It’s DoorDash…’ Karen.”

“I heard ‘Your foods up,’” another person said.

Someone else replied: “Bro she said ‘foods outside.’

“She definitely didn’t say that, you can tell just from the way she says it that she was just telling you the food was outside,” a fourth person replied.

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Some even accused Manubi of using this as an excuse to not pay the driver a tip.

“I think you just want an excuse not to tip her,” one person wrote.

Another added: “She said ‘It’s DoorDash’ you just want to be cheap.”

However, some did defend the TikToker in the comments and were certain they too could hear the same thing as him.


“It’s pretty clear, she said it,” another person wrote.

Someone else added: “I can definitely hear the pronounced F at the end for fat. There’s no way she said DoorDash or anything else. It doesn’t even sound similar.”

Meanwhile, others were just simply confused and one even compared to the 2018 viral “Yanny or Laurel” auditory illusion.

One person wrote: “At first I heard ‘ur foods up’ but I watched it again and heard “ur so fat”. really laurel and yanny situation.”

“What did she say?” another confused person asked.

Judging from the comments, it looks like there is no conclusive answer.

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