Emotional moment shows Fox News reporter reuniting with son after school shooting

Emotional moment shows Fox News reporter reuniting with son after school shooting
Reporter reunites with son live on air while covering Colorado school shooting

Fox News senior correspondent Alicia Acuna said she was sitting at her desk on Wednesday (22 March) when her teenage son began texting her about a lockdown at his school due to a shooting.

As any parent would, Acuna rushed down to East High School in Denver, Colorado to wait for updates.

But as a reporter, she also had a duty to update the public.

After speaking with the superintendent and other parents, Acuna began reporting live in front of the school to tell people what was occurring.

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“This is a really weird thing, toggling between reporting and being a parent here,” Acuna said during her report.

Acuna said her son was in an assembly when he began texting her about police putting them on lockdown. She also mentioned her niece, who attends the school, was locked in a classroom closet.

Visibly shaken, Acuna began giving the facts of the day before she suddenly interrupted her reporting.

“Excuse me, my son just came up and I have not seen him,” Acuna said.

She appeared emotional as she invited her son to come into the camera’s view so she could hug him.

“I’m sorry I have not seen my kid since this all went down,” Acuna told reporters in the studio before embracing her son.

The two hugged for a few seconds before Acuna’s son walked out of frame.

Reporters in the studio encouraged Acuna to put her job aside if she needed a moment to be with her son, but she kept going.

She added, “I’m so sorry, there’s no way you would’ve let your kid walk by.”

The clip of Acuna and her son reuniting went viral on social media with over 200k views and thousands of comments from people empathizing with Acuna.

On Wednesday, a 17-year-old student shot two administrators and then died by suicide at the high school.

According to reports, the student was part of a safety plan at the school and was required to be pat down each day before entering the high school.

The two administrators shot were allegedly patting down the student before he fired several shots.

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