Former Ted Cruz staffer says this is worst thing Fox News has ever aired

Former Ted Cruz staffer says this is worst thing Fox News has ever aired
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CNN political contributor and former Ted Cruz communications director Amanda Carpenter criticized Fox News host Tucker Carlson for promoting continuous baseless claims that the insurrection of Capitol Hill on January 6 was an inside job.

On Thursday night, Carpenter appeared on the Don Lemon Tonight show following the newest Justice Department release of the body-worn camera footage that is being used as evidence to prosecute former NYPD officer and current Capitol riot suspect Thomas Webster.

As Don Lemon talked to Carpenter about the newly released video, she went ahead and called out Fox News and Carlson in a way that’s unusual for most conservative pundits.

“When Tucker Carlson and Fox News started spewing this idea that this is an inside job by the FBI, not an inside job by the president and the people who are carrying flags with the president’s name and cheering the president on—when Tucker said that I don’t even think it’s the worst thing Tucker Carlson has said,” Carpenter told Lemon. “I think it’s one of the worst things that Fox News has ever aired,” she continued.

She also thought that for those who think the FBI was responsible, and that this is a coup against former President Donald Trump is one of the “sickest, saddest conspiracies” around.

Carpenter then went on to address the severity of the situation, saying, “It is extremely serious how far they’re taking this,” and “it will take years to prosecute the hundreds of people that invaded the capital that day.”

In a banner year for gaffes and unfounded theories, Carlson has aired rhetoric against things such as critical race theory in schools, called Covid-19 vaccination passports “medical Jim Crow”, and called former President Barack Obama a “hater”.

His latest theory that FBI operatives were somehow involved with organizing the insurrection on January 6 appears to be based on a misunderstanding of the legal term “unindicted co-conspirators” that is used in newly released legal documents.

More than 500 people have been charged with crimes and misdemeanors for their actions on that day.

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