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A woman who ordered fried chicken was ready to tuck into her meal - that is until she realised that it wasn't actually chicken that she received...

TikToker Jenai Meints (@jenaimeints) had ordered her fried chicken and fries from chicken restaurant chain Zaxby's but soon noticed that it wasn't chicken that she had been given, turns out Meints received fried paper - not quite as appetising.

"I cannot make this up. I went to get my chicken...it's paper...they literally fried, f**king paper. They're not about to like me," Meints said in the video while she held up and opened the crispy strips to show that there was no chicken inside, just paper.

In the caption, Meints tagged Zaxby's and sarcastically wrote "delicious," and her video quickly went viral as the TikTok now has a whopping 33.5m views.


@Zaxby’s delicious 🫠

There were also 3.4m likes and over 52,000 comments from people who cracked some entertaining jokes about Meints's paper-based meal.

One person said: "Someone hates recycling, reducing and reusing."

"Yeah but that’s a satisfying crunch," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Kentucky Fried origami."

"Not me thinkin it was some crispy chicken skin," a fourth person commented.

After going viral, the Meints gave a highly anticipated update in a follow-up TikTok where she detailed what happened as a result of her video.

"All right the long-awaited Zaxby's, what happened? Here we go. So everybody in the chain of command messaged me, called, me, dm'ed me, whatever the case may be, got a hold of me to tell me that that video was hurting their business," she explained.

"They wanted to offer a refund, they wanted to give me a free replacement meal, and take care of me for a while - whatever that had meant."

The TikToker also detailed as she recorded the update that she is out of state so is not near a Zaxby's restaurant at the moment.

"Umm, I did get the refund for the meal and the replacement meal and they did send compensation for said situation that happened," Meints added.


Okay okay finally the udate @zaxbys paper chicken special

"If the manager wouldn't have dismissed me and given me the same meal back, I don't think I wouldn't been nearly as upset, you know what I mean? It's upsetting obviously for that to happen but for how the situation happened and how long it took for them to do anything and that it took me posting a video that you know kinda went, kinda crazy for them to actually care."

The video then cuts to Meints sat on a front porch where she described some of the nasty comments she received after going viral.

"I did really, really like all the comments of everybody telling me that I was fat, and that I should got home and just make my own chicken and that wouldn't happen to me," she said.

"And you know what? You guys were my favorite comments because I looked at some of your profiles," and ended the sentence with a smile.

In the comments section of the video, viewers were still puzzled as to how the paper was fried, as one person asked: "WHAT WAS THEIR EXCUSE FOR BATTERING AND FRYING ACTUAL PAPER???"

"It’s a divider for the chicken," Meints replied, so there you have it mystery solved.

A Zaxby's spokesperson told indy100: "Ensuring a positive guest experience is at the core of our brand.

"The isolated and unfortunate incident at the Dacula, Ga. location has been addressed, and we’re working closely with our franchisee to ensure our rigorous operational and quality assurance processes are consistently met."

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