From leaving trails of nacho cheese, to bragging on Facebook - it's fair to say not all criminals are as wily as Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman when it comes to evading the police.

Now officers have managed to end a seven month manhunt after tracking down two young girls who were abducted by their mother and her husband.

Brittany Nunn and her partner Peter Barr fled their home in Wellington, Colorado in December after learning they would lose custody of Eden, 6, and Gemalynne, 4.

After a no-show at a custody hearing, police at the Larimer County Sheriff's Department grew suspicious and raided the couple's home.

With food left on the table and dishes in the sink, local investigator Drew Weber told the Coloradoan it looked as though the family had simply "gone out for ice cream".

But after realising they'd fled, a serious search began. More than half a year on, and a lot of head-scratching later, Weber managed to track the runaways down through their own costly mistake.

After executing a search warrant, the investigator discovered activity on two accounts linked to Nunn - it appeared the couple hadn't realised that streaming Spotify and Netflix while trying to hide would give away their location.

After the IP address was located in Mexico, the couple were monitored for months while the FBI and US State Department negotiated with local authorities for extradition.

The couple were then arrested in Cabo San Lucas and are facing custody violation charges.

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