In another example of alleged criminalsdoing the police'sjob for them, a vain fugitive contacted his local constabulary to tell them he disliked the mugshot they were using.

Victoria Police posted a 'wanted' notice for Daniel Damon on their Facebook page on Monday asking for any information the public had... only for the man himself to get in touch.

Damon replied to the message: "Can you use a better photo tho. This is a horrible mugshot."

Despite the force's response that the 25-year-old could always pop in to the station to have a new mugshot taken, they still haven't actually managed to track him down.

Damon later responded saying he intended to head to the station "once I get a few things in order..just gotta organise myself a lawyer and get everything organised".

However, a spokesperson for Victoria Police told Mashable on Tuesday morning: "Mr Damon is yet to be located or present himself for his new photograph as yet."

The police force had made the plea explaining that a warrant was made for Damon's arrest after he failed to answer bail.

He's wanted on suspicion of "traffic and drug matters". Anyone with information, other than Damon himself presumably, is urged to contact Crimestoppers Victoria here.

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