Why are Gen-Zers covering their noses in family photos?

Why are Gen-Zers covering their noses in family photos?
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We welcomed the millennial pout and peace sign with open arms for its fun nature – but now, one Gen Z pose is sparking concern among parents due to the sad reason behind it.

When Paris and Tyson Fury shared a wholesome family photo on social media, some were left wondering why their 13-year-old teen Venezuela was covering her face and has done so on a few more including a snap with her cousin Valentino.

Well, it turns out that there's more to it than meets the eye, according to one parent.

Mother Michelle Harris told The Sun that the pose came to her attention when her Gen Z son kept doing the 'nose cover' while trying to get a family portrait on Christmas Day.

She went on to quiz him as to why that was, before eventually asking was he was being bullied at school.

His response shocked Michelle, who recalls him saying: "'No, but I will be if you post pictures of me online without my consent!'"

Paris Fury/TikTok

According to Michelle, teens are seeking out awkward or embarrassing snaps of each other and sharing them online for roast battles.

"Apparently the teens have group chats of their own and they're very active with school peers on the lookout and competing to find and share the most embarrassing family photos of each other so they can ‘roast’ them in the group," Michelle told the publication.

"He went on to explain how the ‘nose cover’ is just a signal to their peers that they won’t be caught ‘slipping’ which we eventually translated to meaning ‘off guard.’"

She continued: "So essentially the ‘nose cover’ for most is just a way to avoid being a target for ridicule in their digital spaces with friends."

Going forward, Michelle aims to be more mindful about the content she shares online and urges other parents to ask for consent before sharing a seemingly innocent photo.

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