The 9 funniest German translations


German is a language that has, like most European tongues, borrowed from its neighbours.

We can't complain, we've done it too, extensively - English comes from Anglo-Saxon, for goodness sake.

A tweet by Evan Edinger, finding the meaning of a relatively obscure term in German, went viral this week for its hilarious brutality.

So we've done a brief bit of research and found a handful of terms we think will make you chuckle.

Here's a few of our favourites, Prost!


2. Handschuhe (hand shoe) - glove

3. Büstenhalter (bust-holder) - bra

4. Durchfall (through-fall) - diarrhoea

5. Dudelsack (yodel sack) - bagpipes

6. Fernweh (distance pain) - homesickness (in reverse)?

It's less longing for a specific place, more a longing for a place which simply is not your present place.

It's kinda like saying "I really wish I could be somewhere else".

Take that, Razorlight:

7. Fremdschämen - outer shame

Probably the best translation for this is "cringe", It's feeling uncomfortable for someone else who has walked into a bad situation.

Fans of Ricky Gervais might want to start throwing it about.

8. Weltschmerz (world pain) - existential dread

The world is a bad place a lot of the time. When we feel this keenly, well, that's the term.

9. Erklärungsnot (Explanation poverty) - Tongue-tied

The dog ate my homework, sir?

When this is the best excuse you have to go to, this is the term for your panic or predicament.

Don Draper probably knows the feeling well.

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