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A three-year-old girl has gone viral on TikTok for her iconic argument with a "Karen" over a parking space.

User @marah_alkhandak posted the video, captioned “when your grandma’s neighbour is a Karen but your three-year-old niece has your back”, which currently has over 5.8 million views and almost one million likes.

The viral video features the brave girl arguing with an older lady, dubbed "Karen", in defence of her aunt who was accused of parking in the incorrect place.

It begins mid-argument between the older woman and the aunt as the niece and another young boy look on from a doorway.





Then, the niece bravely steps up to the shouting "Karen" and says: “This is my auntie!”

“I don’t care who it is,” said the Karen to the child. “There’s no parking in front of these apartments.”

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The young girl, however, was unfazed as she defiantly and hilariously replied: “She can do whatever she wants because she’s my auntie!”

The Karen replied: “Well that’s just tough, lady” and walked away as the aunt burst into laughter.

In her comment section, the aunt said she didn’t park near anyone's apartment and only in a fire lane as her grandmother had fainted, but is okay now.

The comments section was very amused by the interaction, as one user said in all-caps: “Not the lady arguing with the babies”.

Another added: “LMFAO can I borrow her for my next Karen encounter, I’ll literally pay top dollar for her services”.

One even said: “Mini Karen vs XL Karen”.

We hope there isn’t a part two of this argument, but if there is, we would also love to see it.

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