Man posts selfie of his girlfriend with two heads - and his explanation for how it happened is brilliant


Here at indy100 we've talked a lot in the past about how to take the perfect selfie.

The tricks and tips to getting that excellent shot you can update all your social media profiles with, from Twitter to Tinder.

It's all about lighting, positioning and just generally being rather happy about life.

One couple's selfie however, has gone viral in a rather remarkable way.

reddit user JuddJasper shared the snap on the site explaining that his "phone has a wide selfie feature".

A quick Google reveals that this is a pretty sweet sounding mode that means your good friends will never get cropped out of a forward facing camera fest again.

JJ continues that it's "similar to a panorama".

You need to sit still for it to work.

My girlfriend sneezed, and this happened.

A picture tells a thousand words.

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