Man branded an ‘a**hole’ for fact-checking his girlfriend’s erotic fiction

Man branded an ‘a**hole’ for fact-checking his girlfriend’s erotic fiction

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The Reddit forum of justice, ‘Am I The A**hole’, has criticised a man who chose to point out the inaccuracies of a private erotic story written by his girlfriend as a teenager.

The 23-year-old, with the username Less_Mousse1377, shared the post on Monday, in which he revealed he found the writing while using his 20-year-old partner’s computer.

He wrote: “I found an old archive written by her when she was 16. It is a long story about a maid in the antebellum south that has a romantic affair with the man of the house.

“The maid is clearly meant to be a version of my girlfriend.

“Everything was fine for me until the part when they arrived to [sic] a train station. The maid wanted to leave because she couldn’t bear for their romance to be hidden anymore. The man was following her to try to convince her to stay.”

Apparently, this element was full of inaccuracies.

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He continued: “I am a train enthusiast and know a lot about the history of rail transportation in the United States. So, I talked to my girlfriend about it but she got upset.

“She has been saying I shouldn’t have read the story because it was a personal thing from when she was a teenager. She is also mad my reaction was something as ‘superficial’ as the level of train accuracy.

“Am I the a**hole?”

According to other Reddit users in the forum, yes.

“YTA [You’re the a**hole] for snooping and for being one of those ‘well ackshually [sic]…’ people,” wrote one.

Another added: “Not even the spicy parts. Like not in a ‘no, c***s don’t actualy do that’, but in a ‘your train station was historically inaccurate’.

“No one cares about the train station but you, dude.

“But way to tank any level of trust and safety your girlfriend felt with you. I hope your trains were with it [sic].”

One user took a more outlandish and sarcastic approach to the post: “I personally wouldn't be able to masturbate to something if during the sex scene the upholstery was described as plum if I knew FULL WELL that on that model of train the seats were royal blue.

“YTA and a nosey one too. A real keeper.”

Where’s Francis Bourgois when you need him, eh?

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