Woman from the 'girlsplaining' meme reveals exactly what was going on

Woman from the 'girlsplaining' meme reveals exactly what was going on
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The internet's new favourite meme is undoubtedly the 'girlsplaining' or 'girl bro' joke which is all over Twitter at the moment but we now know the true origin of the picture that has taken the internet by storm.

By now you've probably seen the image of the woman appearing to be enthusiastically talking into the ear of a man who looks completely bemused by what she has to say to him.

Many of the memes to date have reimagined her being very invested in niche topics from the Napoleonic war to Dune and many many more. However, thanks to the meme archive Know Your Meme, the woman in the picture has finally been tracked down and we now know what she was saying to the man.

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The woman in question has been identified Denise "Denu" Sanchez who is from Argentina. The photo was actually taken way back in 2018 at a nightclub in Buenos Aries called Chau Che Clu.

Sanchez revealed that the man in the picture was actually her boyfriend Alfre but the pair have since broken up. The story doesn't end there though as Sanchez said that they weren't even the subject of the photo. She told KYM: "another girl took a photo and we were behind them."

It would also appear that the meme was popular in Argentina many years before it branched out into English-language-speaking countries. It first started appearing in 2019 with Sanchez adding: "I was featured in the newspaper in my city, many people followed me on Instagram, and people have written me and asked how it happened."

Sadly the press wasn't all good as she said she was treated like a "toxic girlfriend." It's all good now though as she has a new boyfriend, adding: "my friends laugh a lot whenever I mention it and they were surprised when I started to get famous."

In regards to the meme going viral again she says: "I honestly had no idea that the meme resurfaced again and I never realized the huge number of people who saw it! It makes me laugh a lot when everyone is surprised that it's me." That being said she has now dyed her hair black making it harder to recognise her.

Still, doesn't look like we'll find out anytime soon what she was actually saying to her ex but we'll just let the memes do that for us.

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