Influencer criticised for laughing at housekeeper cleaning up dog poo

Influencer criticised for laughing at housekeeper cleaning up dog poo
Dog poop crackdown
Gloria Camila Ortega/Instagram/Reddi

A Spanish influencer is in hot water after posting a video of herself laughing as her father's housekeeper picked up dog poo.

Gloria Camilla Ortega has since deleted the post she made earlier this week but it has since circulated online as the clip has caused backlash.

In the video, Ortega is out on a walk with one of her pet dogs along with housekeeper, Marina and the 27-year-old asks her to pick up her pet's feces.

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“How does it feel Marina?” Ortega asks Marina who is reaching down to pick up the poo.

“A bit warm,” Marina replied.

“Very good,” the influencer commented and then informed the housekeeper that there are two more pieces of excrement to collect.

Ortega can also be heard laughing just before the video ends.

People have since slammed Ortega, accusing her of "humiliating" the housekeeper and calling her "vile," and "narcissistic" for making the video.

Since then, Ortega - who is the daughter of Spanish bullfighter José Ortega Cano and the late singer Rocío Jurado - has responded to the hate in a new post on Thursday (May 25) to her 840,000 Instagram followers.

Some of the images include herself and Marina sat together with smiley faces.

“I am beginning to find your comments about Marina unbearable," she wrote in Spanish.

Ortega also fired back at those calling her "classist," by accusing them of being the same.

“The first classists are you,” she declared. “If I had done it with another person, friend or someone who did not ‘work for my father’ you would have taken it differently.”

She then went on to describe her close relationship with Marina.

“Marina is much more than an ’employee,'” she declared. “Marina is family, Marina is love, Marina is joy, she is my handkerchief, and she is like a second mother to me and I love her very much. And only those who know us know that.”

Though the comment section on the video remains divided, with some still criticising the influencer.

One person wrote: "How little humility you have."

"I would never do that not even with my family, it's called education, respect, values etc" another person said.

Someone else added: "What a way to justify yourself more poop."

But also received messages of support from followers too.

"If I were you, I wouldn't give these people a minute!" one person said.

Another person wrote: "Don't mind them Gloria Camila. They don't give up anymore. I know what Marina means to you and your family. I love it. Looks like a very good person and very loyal."

"We are with you always!!" someone else commented.

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