Jakub Marian

Google autocomplete is a curious thing.

One Czech cartographer, 29-year-old Jakub Marian, created this map that shows the top suggestions for the question "Why did...?" for each European country.

He set up his search as if someone in the United States was using Google in February 2018, so the results reflect what Americans would search for.

Picture:Picture: Jakub Marian

Some of the top queries are understandable like; "Why did the UK leave the EU?" and... "Why did Germany invade Poland?"

But Jakub's test for some of the Scandinavian countries brought about some interesting outcomes. The top autocomplete query for Norway was "knight a penguin," according to the cartographer.

It seems Americans are still puzzled about penguin Sir Nils Olav, who was knighted in 2008 with the approval of King Harald V of Norway. Reports said this is because the seabird is the mascot of his guard.

And in a special ceremony at Edinburgh Zoo a few years ago, Sir Nils waddled past and inspected more than 50 guardsmen.

More recently, in 2016, the king penguin was given a promotion in another ceremony at the zoo and a new title was bestowed upon him. He is now known as Brigadier Sir Nils Olav. You can watch the ceremony below.

HT Jakub Marian

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