Google Street View catches couple 'having sex' on roadside

Google Street View catches couple 'having sex' on roadside
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A suspicious couple appear to have been caught in the act - on Google Street View.

The man and woman were standing on a vacant plot of land full of rubbish.

The duo apparently travelled to the secluded area on a motorbike to enjoy a frisky encounter away from prying eyes.

The woman appears to be half-naked while the man seems to be zipping himself up.

They both seem to notice the Google Street View car.

The couple was caught in the act in the neighbourhood of Paseo de Santa Fe, Juárez, Mexico.

Google uses vehicles equipped with high-resolution cameras to capture every corner of the planet for their Street View service.

However, the cameras occasionally capture people in compromising situations.

In Mexico, residents have been filmed brawling, face planting the ground, and taking part in sex acts by the roadside, along with other unflattering incidents.

Those captured in awkward situations by the cameras can ask Google for the images to be removed.

Offended citizens can fill out a form in the Google support section and mention that the images were published without their consent.

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