Google Maps denies revealing images of Russian military infrastructure
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An eagle-eyed viewer turned to Reddit after spotting two street-mapping cars on the same street, at the same time.

The fateful encounter occurred in Minnesota when a Google Maps and Bing Maps car crossed paths and featured on the opposing company's map features.

The stand off was first brought to light in an old Tumblr post, which showed the Google driver greeting his foe with a wave. It has since been brought to the attention of Redditors, who jumped at the opportunity to criticise the varying camera qualities.

"The quality of the photo taken by Google is far more better than that of Bing's," one said. Meanwhile, another compared Bing's camera to a 2007 Google camera.

A third joked about a missed opportunity: "Would think one of the companies would’ve photoshop the other company’s car to look like a clown car."

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Google Maps car catches Bing Maps on the same street Google Maps

Bing Maps has a face-off with Google Bing Maps

It's far from the first time street mapping features have picked up peculiar things. From a "Big Foot" sighting in Russia, political statements etched on the Great Wall of China – and even frisky couples – we've seen it all.

Yep, that's right.

Google Maps happened to catch an Aussie couple having sex on a car bonnet – and, once again, there was only one place to share such wild revelations: Reddit.

“At least they were being safe and pulled over!” one user joked, while another added the pair had "no shame."

Unusual Google Maps sightings have become such a fascinating oddity that there's now a dedicated subreddit r/googlemaps shenanigans.

That's enough sightings for one day...

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