Google maps camera catches couple caught 'having sex' on the hood of a car

Google maps camera catches couple caught 'having sex' on the hood of a car
Google Maps users discover former labour camp deep inside Russia

Here's another oddity to add to the growing list of weird things spotted on Google Maps - a couple were caught out ‘having sex’ on the hood of a car by the Google cameras.

The pair were seen on Dukes Highway in Keith, South Australia as the van drove by.

While it’s impossible to say whether or not the pair were having sex for real, or merely posing for the cameras after spotting the van, it’s not something you see every day on Google street view.

The images were initially taken in 2013, but have now been rediscovered on the subreddit r/googlemaps shenanigans.

"I found where these images were from,” wrote the original poster u/DuhC0mmunity, pointing out their location on Dukes Highway.

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Reddit users were quick to comment, saying: “Lmao I must have driven past that spot 8-9 times driving between Adelaide and Melbourne.”

The couple were spotted on street viewGoogle

“At least they were being safe and pulled over!” another said.

“No shame!,” one more added.

It’s not the only strange thing to crop up on Google Maps recently.

The internet was left baffled last month after someone came across what appeared to be a child stuck in a bin.

The discovery was made by TikToker @thegoogleearthguy who has posts screen recordings of his findings on Google Maps for his 1.1 million followers.

Other users sometimes challenge him to find unusual things, including a t-rex and a giant rubber duck in the sea.

Google Street View users also stumbled across what appeared to be Mexican cartel members wearing creepy masks online, and it’s one of the most terrifying things we could ever imagine seeing on the road.

Four men with their faces obscured are seen standing on a road in Moctezuma, which is found in the state of Sonora.

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