How to solve the viral Green Glass Door riddle

How to solve the viral Green Glass Door riddle
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A viral TikTok riddle of the Green Glass Door has left many users confused, but here’s how to solve the mystery.

The Green Glass Door involves TikTokers giving examples of things that can go through the Green Glass Door and things that can’t. For example, a foot could go through the Green Glass Door, but a leg couldn’t.

In TikTok clips, players come up with objects or things that can go through the hypothetical door, often leaving the other player completely confused about the rules of the door.

Videos on the platform related to the topic “green glass door” have gained a total of 38.9 million views.

In one clip that’s been viewed 4.8 million times, one TikToker played the game with his friends Jean and July and both were equally clueless.

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Clearly, they are not the only ones, as clips associated with “green glass door explanation” have received a total of 27.1 million views.

To solve the riddle, there is a secret formula that tells you which things can pass through the door, and once you know about it, it becomes shockingly obvious.

The key is how the words are spelt. Words of objects that contain two double letters are allowed through the door, while those without are not.

Under the formula, a daffodil could go through the door, because of the double f, but a tulip could not. Similarly, a sheep could, because of the double e, but a cow couldn’t.

Pretty simple when you know how it works.

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