Pro-Trump 'Gun Girl' Kaitlin Bennett denies rumour she was 'punched' at university protest
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'Gun Girl' Kaitlin Bennett has denied that she was punched in the face by student protesters in the most problematic way possible.

Bennett addressed the online rumour that she was punched at the University of Central Florida (UCF) by saying they didn't leave a scratch on her "pretty white face".

The rumour has been repeated numerous times, but there's no evidence that it actually happened.

People have posted videos of Bennett and her bodyguards appearing to clash with protesters, however.

Bennett has also posted her own footage from UFC to her YouTube channel 'Liberty Hangout'.

She frequently attends university campuses and left-wing protests in the hope of generating content for her social media channels. But it appears this time that Bennett was actually invited onto the campus and that the protesters gathered because of her presence there.

As well as encountering protesters, who reportedly chanted 'Go home, Kaitlin', Bennett was asked by UFC security to comply with their policy on wearing masks.

The university released a statement in which they accused her of initially failing to wear a face covering. Part of it read:

The group on campus today was lawfully exercising their free expression rights but not complying with UFC's COVID-19 policy, which requires everyone on campus to wear a face covering. Our policy was explained to the group, and after a period of time, the group complied and wore face coverings.

In response Bennett accused them of lying, claiming that campus security assured her "they wouldn't make us wear masks".

When she did finally don a mask, it was MAGA-branded, of course.

And also a little too big...?

The most confusing element of this whole saga is why Bennett, who has previously accused liberals of "race baiting", brought up her race while denying the rumour.

What was the reason?

The reason was probably the same as it always is with Bennett: to try to stir up more controversy.

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