A guy tried to mansplain the law about using a phone in court to a judge

A guy tried to mansplain the law about using a phone in court to a judge
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Once again, a man who has a limited understanding of something is trying to mansplain it to a woman who is an expert in that, on International Women's Day no less.

Arbitrator Lucy Greenwood tweeted out on Tuesday that her daughter's school chose to call her, rather than her daughter's father, to pick her up from school despite her teenage daughter informing them that Greenwood would be unable to answer her phone while in court.

With over 20k likes and 2k retweets, it seemed most people agreed with Greenwood's #BreakTheBias tweet. However, one man decided to fight Greenwood on her tweet- specifically about her inability to pick up the phone in court.

The man, called @realBREXITnow on Twitter, replied asking why Greenwood would be unable to pick up the phone at work and accused Greenwood of not having her priorities straight.

"If my kids' school called me whilst i was at work i would know there is a problem and would answer the phone. End of. Don't understand why this is an issue at all. Priorities," the tweet read.

Several lawyers jumped to Greenwood's defense to explain to the man that in the court no person may interrupt a hearing to answer the phone.

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"Because not everyone has your job. Lawyers in a trial can’t just say excuse me judge- I gotta take this call. Doctors in surgery don’t even have their phones on them I’d bet," @JATmallet said.

@realBREXITnow replied stating that lawyers may ask for time from a judge if they need to take a call. But once again, lawyers explained that a judge can say 'no' to prevent interruptions in the court recordings.

While the effort to explain how the court operates and why Greenwood was not wrong to be irritated by the phone call, almost everyone missed Greenwood's Twitter bio where she states she is an arbitrator otherwise known as a judge and assumed she was a lawyer.

It seems Greenwood's tweet did not inspire others to #BreakTheBias today *sigh*.

Luckily many other people responded positively to Greenwood's tweet, agreeing that there is an inherent bias in people to believe mothers are widely available and fathers are at work.

"Shits me to tears. I fill out all the forms, my name/number is on everything because I’m the lead parent and my wife has a successful business, but they still call her. It is infuriating", Twitter user @unQuietAust said.

"Yes, I’ve been called in surgery whilst my partner is a stay at home dad," said @obygnkenobi.

There are endless examples of people assuming mothers must be the primary caregiver because they are women. If Greenwood's entire interaction reminds us of anything, let it be to not make assumptions based on gender or sex.

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