Are you a house plant killer? Man reveals how to revive pots using your own hair

<p>Adamjan shares his hair hack for plant revival with his followers</p>

Adamjan shares his hair hack for plant revival with his followers


Do you often, unintentionally, kill your plants? Well, the solution could just be on the top your head, literally.

A man has claimed in a TikTok that plants can be revived by using clumps of our own hair.

Yes – we are as floored by this apparent revelation as you are.

Armen Adamjan discovered this trick after wanting to find a purpose for the hairs left on his hairbrush.

In the video, he shows himself removing a clump of hair from his hairbrush before burying the hair beneath the plant’s soil. He then goes on to explain why his unusual method is so effective.

He says: “Human hair contains high amounts of nitrogen and the best part is that it takes a while for it to biodegrade, which means every time you water your plants, nitrogen gets released into the soil.

“If one of your plants suddenly stops growing or the bottom leaves are turning yellow, it could mean that it’s missing nitrogen.”

Adamjan explained how he discovered the trick.

He told The Mirror: “I knew that nitrogen is crucial in the growth of plants - without nitrogen, plants turn yellow and cannot grow taller.

“This is when I decided to do an experiment: two identical plants (at the same growth stage) with the same quality soil.

“However, in one of them I buried a ball of hair next to the stem of the plant. Over the next six weeks, the plant with the hair buried grew faster and taller than the one without.”

He carried out the same experiment again and said he was “honestly a little surprised” by how quickly he saw results.

Adamjan shared the video to his 1.2 million TikTok followers and 101,000 followers on his Instagram.

Across the two platforms, the video has over 97,000 views, with 8,000 likes and hundreds of comments from people who were astonished to learn this trick.

One person wrote: “What!? Really?! I have plenty of hair for that.”

“I’m a little freaked out by this one,” another person commented.

Someone else responded: “Whatttttttt? This is amazing.”

“Incredible ideas for reuse!!!” a fourth person replied.

You can watch the full video here.

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