McDonald’s worker claims to serve customer half-eaten burger in viral TikTok video

<p>TikTokers have responded to the video with horror</p>

TikTokers have responded to the video with horror


We’ve all heard horror stories of fast food workers spitting in customers’ food, but it’s not every day that people boast of serving half-eaten meals.

Yet, a McDonald’s employee, who has a whole TikTok page dedicated to their work at the restaurant, suggested they’d dished up a half-eaten patty, hidden inside a burger.

“We got a little hungry,” says the caption to a video, posted by the user who operates under @mikky.d0.

It shows them burying the half-chewed slab of meat under a slice of cheese and another patty as part of a Bacon McDouble.

They then slide it across the counter to their colleague at the drive-thru window area.

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The clip has been viewed more than 1.8 million times since it was shared in March, with hundreds of viewers sharing their horror at the unsavoury trick.

“I’m sure the company doesn’t appreciate this, even as a joke,” commented one TikToker.

“Not in a pandemic WHAT,” wrote another.

“Say bye bye to your job,” added another.

While one said: “I’m okay, I only like chicken burgers.”

Responding to the furore, @mikky.d0 implied that the contaminated dish hadn’t actually been served to a customer.

“Guys it’s a joke. Why would he do something like that,” a user wote, to which @mikky.d- replied: “Thank you.”

Similarly, another commented: “Do y’all understand he;s not gonna actually give it to somebody,” to which, again, the video’s creator responded: “Thank you man.”

One video shows a worker heaping ‘extra’ pickles onto a burger

The account features other eyebrow-raising (but less controversial) content in which staff members are seen mocking customised orders, such as customers requesting extra cheese or pickles.

One video suggests that when customers are told that the ice cream machine is broken, it’s not actually true: “It works, we just don’t like making them.”

McDonald’s has said it is looking into the anonymous account.

“The food preparation shown in these videos does not meet the robust food quality and safety standards we have in place, and we are actively investigating the incident,” the company said in a statement to Daily Dot.

“Providing our customers with quality food, service and a clean and safe environment is our top priority, and we always want to ensure the best possible experience for them when they visit our restaurants.”

Weirdly, this has still managed to make us hungry.

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