Woman shows how a cat understands the fragility of an egg

The unenviable task of having to remove the hard shell from an egg can be an annoyingly time-consuming process - but now there is a new way that can slide those shells right off.

Chef Kathleen Ashmore (@katcancook) who posts about all things cooking, has shared her helpful hack in which she has said she "hasn't hard-boiled an egg in 10 years" all thanks to this method.

"Steam your eggs besties," she wrote in the on-screen text caption, as the video showed her putting several eggs into a pot and inside a steamer and put the lid on top to let the steamer do its magic for around 12-14 minutes.

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Ashmore then explained why this trick is able to successfully remove the shell, she wrote: "The hot steam makes the egg white proteins contract, pulling away from the shell's membranes."

The video then cuts to the eggs now without their shells as the chef described how the "shells slide right off."


Chef tip! I haven’t hard boiled an egg in 10 years.

Since revealing her helpful tip, Ashmore's video has received 110,000 views, along with thousands of likes as well as comments from people who appreciated the egg-cellent advice.

One person said: "Mind blown! Just boiled mine in water😅 but I’m trying this next time!!

"Wait why did I never try this before!!???" another person wrote.

Someone else replied: "I haven't had eggs peel this pretty in years!!! Thank you!!!"

While there were others who had tried and tested the method and agreed that it made peeling far easier.

One person wrote: "Agree! Plus it saves energy and is much more precise because there’s no temperature drop when eggs are put in."

"Yes! 12 min on high and the easiest peel ever," another person said.

Someone else added: I do 11 mins and they are perfectly hard! Best way ever to do them!"

While Easter may be over for this year, this definitely a method to try when cooking breakfast.

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