<p>A rumor spread that Harry Styles stole a microwave from his Long Island concert.</p>

A rumor spread that Harry Styles stole a microwave from his Long Island concert.


Multimillionaire, superstar, actor, and businessman Harry Styles has been accused of ... stealing a microwave on Long Island.

You read that right: people think the “To be so Lonely” singer stole a microwave from Long Island’s UBS Arena after his recent concert.

Fear not, for Styles is, in fact, not in his robber era. Like many outlandish rumors, the chatter began on TikTok.

It all started when Dianna Rainone, who is apparently the daughter of a cameraman who worked during Styles’ “Love on Tour” performance, shared a video featuring screenshots of texts between her and her father.

Read on for our forensic investigative report on the developing story of the missing microwave.

The claim

The alleged high-value theft occurred during Harry Styles’ November 28th performance in Long Island—his final tour date.


j imagine him running full force w a microwave #ubsarena #harrystyles #hslot #loveontour

Rainone, posted screenshots of texts from her father that read: “Harry styles stole (the) crew microwave from the ubs arena.”


Reply to @l...57

“Oh, Harry. I believe this man took that microwave and you can not prove it to me otherwise,” she joked during the video, adding: “He said, ‘I will be leaving my mark on the UBS Arena.’ “

How it spread

Obviously, people love a good story of celebrities acting unhinged so the rumor had the perfect recipe for a viral moment.

Since the TikTok video was shared on three days ago on December 3rd, the video has received over 152.2K views, with many circulating the rumor over to other platforms like Twitter.

The truth

Turns out, the whole thing was just an inside joke between Rainone and her father, according to The New York Post.

“He hit me out of nowhere saying the crew microwave was missing and he had joked around saying Harry Styles stole it. I could not stop laughing, so I figured why not make a TikTok about it,” she told the outlet. “I went to bed that night not even checking the app and I woke up to over like 20,000 views and 12,000 likes which was insane.”

As for the microwave in question, the search continues for the kitchen appliance thief, but Styles’ name has been cleared.

“It would be hilarious if Harry took the microwave, but my dad said someone probably moved it to clean or something,” she added. “I really hope Harry does not see this — I’ll die of embarrassment.”

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